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By | October 23, 2020

Teachers are the most essential part of our country’s economy but when it comes to increment of salaries, politician would always drag their feet. The entire teaching profession has been deceived for a very long time and many teachers seem to have given up on the current government.

The ministry of education announced the payment of professional allowance to teachers. The allowance which many expected this month became what many teachers describe as another attempt to win to disrespect the entire teaching profession.

Many seem to have given up on the professional allowance thing but wait for the boss of The Ghana Education Service, Prof. Kwasi Opoku Amankwah has a different story to tell.

In a radio interview on Peace FM, disclosed that the Teacher Professional Allowances will be paid in November.

He assured the teachers that GH₵1,200 and GH₵800 will be paid into the accounts of both teaching and non-teaching staff respectively in the following month.

He, however, explained that an amount of GH₵100 would be subtracted from the source. The deduction is to cater to the issuance of the license to teachers.

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During the interview, he pointed out that all in-service teachers were supposed to pay an amount of GH₵200 before issuance of the license to them but the government has taken the pain to pay part while the teacher takes the amount left to complete the payment. He said that non-teaching staff are not part of the license issuance.

A press statement had been released to support the deduction that is going to be made during the payment of the allowances to teachers.

A statement signed by the Director-General spotted online indicates that the deduction took effect after all teacher unions came into agreement.

“During the recent negotiations of the collective agreement on the conditions of service for teaching staff of Ghana Education Service(GES), it was accepted that all teachers were to be paid continuous professional development allowance of one thousand two-hundred Ghana Cedis (GH₵12,00) and the eight hundred (GH₵800) for professional and non-professional teachers respectively. The payment of the allowance was to take effect in 2020.

It has been agreed between teacher unions within the GES and the national teaching council that an amount of one hundred Ghana cedis per teacher should be deducted from this allowance when it is to be paid”

This means that all Teachers would still get their allowance paid and there is nothing to worry about.

Purpose of The Allowance

The Professional Development Allowance of Teachers was agreed and contained in the August 2020 Condition of Service for Staff of the Ghana Education Service as agreed in its Collective agreement with  stakeholders including the Teacher Unions.

The main purpose of the Allownces is to help teachers acquire skills in their Professionaln Development on the job.

Teachers are expected to use the allowances to attend  workshops and seminars that relates to their personal development .

The said amount is expected to be paid with a GH¢100 monthly for all professional teachers.


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