Wassce ranking 2024

By | 8 April 2024

Wassce ranking 2024, A total of 316,999 candidates entered the examination. This figure is 9.6% higher than the 2017 candidature of 289,207. The 2024 entry figure was made up of 158,550 (50.02 %) males and 158,449 (49.98%) females. The examination was conducted for 946 participating schools. A total of 1,378 (0.43%) of the candidates who registered were absent from the examination.

The performance of the candidates in regard to the four core subjects are as follows:

English Language:
– A total of 147,232 students, comprising 46.79%, achieved grades A1 to C6.
– 99,402 students, accounting for 31.60%, attained grades D7 to E8.
– 68,002 students, constituting 21.61% of the cohort, received grade F9.

Mathematics (Core):
– 120,519 students, representing 33% of the total, scored between A1 and C6.
– 94,607 students, making up 30.09% of the group, secured grades D7 to E8.
– 99,275 students, equivalent to 31.58%, were awarded grade F9.


Integrated Science:
– Among the candidates, 158,691 students, accounting for 50.52%, achieved grades A1 to C6.
– 109,069 students, comprising 34.72% of the total, attained grades D7 to E8.
– 46,367 students, representing 14.76% of the cohort, obtained grade F9.

Social Studies:
– A total of 230,141 students, making up 73.27%, attained grades A1 to C6.
– 46,464 students, accounting for 14.79%, secured grades D7 to E8.
– 37,494 students, constituting 11.94% of the group, received grade F9.

Based on the provisional results, the performance at Al- C6 in Social Studies showed a marked improvement over that of 2017 (52.25% to 73.27%), while Integrated Science recorded a slight improvement (43.66% to 50.52%). On the contrary, Mathematics (Core) showed a drop in performance from 2017 (42.73% to 38.33%). Similarly, there was a drop in the performance in the English Language (54.06% to 46.79%).

WASSCE 2024 Top 20 School

Here are the top 2024 WASSCE ranking schools in Ghana;

School NameAverage Percentage of Passes
St James Seminary Senior High School98.80%
ST Francis Xavier Junior Seminary94.97%
Opoku Ware Senior High School88.23%
Wesley Girls Senior High School87.60%
Holy Child Senior High School87.53%
Adisadel College86.31%
St Peter’s Senior High School84.81%
Augustine’s College83.06%
St John Teye Memorial Institute81.96%
Notre Dame Seminary Snr. High School81.64%
St Rose’ Senior High School81.59%
St Louis’ Snr. High School81.25%
Saviour Senior High School80.79%
Mfantsipim School79.03%
Presec Legon Boys’ Snr. High School78.08%
Galaxy International School77.46%
Prempeh College76.63%
Berekum Star Senior High School75.94%
Pope John Senior High School75.83%
Aburi Girls’ Snr. High School74.46%

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