School of Hygiene students picket Sanitation Ministry over unpaid allowance

By | August 17, 2020

Students of the Ghana School of Hygiene for the second time in two weeks are picketing at the premises of the Sanitation Ministry.

The agitated students demanded immediate payment of their allowances, which have been in arrears since 2017.

They accused government of deceiving them in earlier negotiations in a bid to buy some time till after the elections.

Speaking to Joy News’ Manuel Koranteng, one student said, “Are we not citizens? So why are they [government] not listening to us? We need our money, they should give us our money. If they want to kill us, we will die for them to know the extent we need our money.

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“They have been deceiving us since 2017, as for today we are not leaving here until they give us our money,” another added.

In response, the Sanitation Ministry’s Chief Director Noah Tumfo said it has established a committee to facilitate the release of the monies.

But the students who came carrying mattresses, buckets and gas cylinders say they will not leave until their allowances are paid. “They say they are forming a committee right?

Then we will wait for them and even get the approval of the Finance Ministry before we leave here,” one student said.


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