Offinso College of Education School Fees May 2024

By | 6 June 2023
Offinso Presbyterian College of Education School Fees

The Offinso College of Education also known as Offinso Teacher Training College, school Fees Structure for 2024.

The Offinso Teacher Training College Fees serves as a guid to help the student of the institution through the payment processes.

The Offinso Teacher Training College school fees Structure may vary from the one provided on this page. You should always confirm on the Offinso CoE official website the actual fees before making any payment to the school. Now let us look at the Offinso school fees for fresh students, level 200 and level 300 students. We have also included some examination fees and the SRC dues.

Offinso College of Education School Fees For May 2024

The Offinso college of education school  fees: Below Is the Official Fees schedule to be paid by each student respectively for the 2024 / 2025 academic session.


Admission Fees – GHC1,500.00

SRC GHC100.00

Hall Dues GHC100.00

UCC Affiliation Fees – GHC360.00

LEVEL 200 – GHC1,164.00 (It includes: SRC GHC100.00 Hall Dues GHC100.00; Exams GHC360.00)

LEVEL 300 – GHC788.00 For the year. (It includes: SRC GHC100.00 & Hall Project 50.00; Exams GHC270.00)

How to Pay Offinso College of Education School Fees May 2024

If you are looking for the Offinso college of education school Fee Structure, this information is helpful and can be used positively.

For full fees information, inquiries and break down of fees options, You can contact the Financial Aid and Bursaries Department of the institution by visiting the official Offinso College of Education website or campus.

The above policies and procedures are applicable to all students who officially register for programmes at the Offinso College of Education. The Institute reserves the right to change fees without prior notice to the student. However, fee changes are subject to approval by the Governing Council.

NB: Above-listed fee excludes examination fees. The examination fee will be determined by the various affiliated universities.

Things you should know about Offinso college of education before applying May 2024

  1. Attending training colleges does not make you a teacher forever.

More often, naive SHS graduates believe attending training colleges will permanently make you a teacher. Big NO, undergoing training to become a teacher makes you a teacher initially and also serve as a stepping stone for other career opportunities.

With a certificate from a training college, one could apply as a mature student to other institutions and get admitted to level 200 for the different applicable course. With those offering degree, you still have chances to use your certificate to apply for other degree programs as a mature student.

.      2. You will be required to wear uniforms

Yes! Even with the introduction of degrees to training colleges, all students will be required to be in an approved uniform. Depending on your institution, you will have an attire to wear.

Public universities in Ghana do not wear a uniform, but for various good reasons, the Governing body of universities of education deems it necessary for all student to wear uniforms. Several protests have been Made previously but yield no results! With the introduction of degrees in training colleges, wearing uniforms in training colleges will soon be a thing of the past.

10 things you should know about training colleges before applying

           3. You will be feed

Do you remember the SHS boarding house system? Going to hall 3 times daily? You will go through the same routine in training college. Just look for a big cup and bowl to match!

However, due to the mature nature of students in training college’s the food served is of high quality compared to SHS. Before applying, tune your brain and forget about mommies juicy food!


        4. You will be accommodated in a boarding house

Unlike other universities and tertiary institutions, training colleges provide boarding facilities for both male and female students. If you love personal privacy, training colleges might not be a conducive place for you! Prepare your brain to bath without, share, washroom facilities with others etc. Currently, training colleges or universities of education in Ghana don’t offer hostel facilities.

       5.Payment of examination fees  per semester to UCC

Newly admitted students in Training colleges are surprised at the amount they pay for examination fees per semester.

 Every semester, you will be required to pay an amount as examination fee to ucc, university of cape coast is the institution that conducts examination for students in training college’s in Ghana. Currently continuing students are required to pay ¢400 as examination fees per semester. This may change at the time of admission for the 2022/2023 academic year!

       6. Payment of yearly school fees

The fee payment system in training colleges in Ghana is annual. Just like any other public university, students in training colleges are required to pay yearly school fees.

School fees are the same for all training colleges across the country but due to internal arrangements in each college, variations may be seen.

       7.Y ou would  pay feeding Fees

Feeding in training colleges is not for free! Though you won’t pay with your physical cash. The Nana Akufo Addo lead Government of Ghana has taken up the responsibility of paying all feeding fees for training colleges or university college of education students. 

         8. You would be paid monthly allowance whiles in School.

 The Nana Akuffo Addo lead Government of Ghana pay’s monthly allowance to training college students during active academic months. Currently, students are paid 8 months monthly allowance per year and 4 months per semester

This was one of the campaign policies that won them power during the 2016 polls in Ghana. so far the policy has played a significant role.

In all ¢400 is the monthly allowance of which %50 is used as feeding fee for each student.

This gives each student in training college in Ghana ¢200 per month.


           9. You would be required to do manual works

Since you are in a boarding house, your environment will definitely go messy, students are required to do regular cleaning of their environment.

With the introduction of degree, this has reduced a little but trust me you won’t pass through training colleges in Ghana without knowing how to weed, scrub and sweep.

          10. You would be subjected to regularly field experience teaching practices.

Formerly, training college students spend 2years on campus and the last year in a nearby school for teaching practice as a mentee. After the introduction of degree, students are taken through regular teaching practice throughout the entire four years of study.

Students are conveyed to nearby towns to observe and practice teaching.

Final thoughts.

Undergoing training to become a teacher in training colleges requires discipline, be prepared to adapt to religious activities as majority of training colleges in Ghana are faith based.


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