How to Use Glenville Brightspace

How to Use Glenville Brightspace

About Glenville State University Brightspace

Glenville State University uses Brightspace as its innovative learning management system for creating, hosting, and editing online learning resources. This platform contains a flexible suite of tools that enable users to create custom content for institutions, courses, and users. Brightspace supports sharing learning resources, student collaboration, learning assessment, and multiple means of communication between course members.

1. Compatibility and System Requirements

Brightspace requires an Internet connection, Java, and compatibility with most browsers and operating systems. Before using Brightspace, it is essential to review the system requirements to determine if your system is compatible with the platform.

2. Brightspace as Course Content Delivery System

Glenville State University Brightspace is used to deliver course content for fully online courses, much of the content for mixed-mode courses, and the majority of face-to-face classes. Brightspace offers students access to course content, submission of assignments, participation in discussions, communication with instructors and classmates, taking quizzes and exams, among other features.

Fantastic Feature of Glenville State University Brightspace

Glenville State University Brightspace presents various features that make work easier for instructors and students. These features include:

1. Customizable Learning Pathways

Brightspace’s platform allows for the creation of customizable learning pathways that can be tailored to specific student needs. With this feature, instructors can help students focus on areas of strengths and weaknesses.

2. Intelligent Agents

Intelligent agents are automated messages that are sent to students if they have not met a particular condition or completed an action. The feature helps students stay abreast of their academic obligations, deadlines, and other important information.

3. Integrated Video Conferencing

Glenville State University’s Brightspace platform comes with integrated video conferencing features that allow instructors and students to have live chats, discussions and collaborate on assignments and projects. Integrated video conferencing allows for remote and hybrid learning opportunities, making education more flexible and accessible to students.

How to Access Glenville State University Brightspace

Users can access Glenville State University’s Brightspace platform through the following steps:

1. Visit the Glenville State University Website

2. Locate the Navigation Tap on top of the Glenville State University Homepage

3. Locate and Tap on Current Student

4. On the Current Student Homepage, Locate Critical Info

5. Under Critical Info, locate and Tap on Brightspace


6. On Brightspace Page, locate and Tap on Brightspace Login to proceed.

How to Login to Glenville State University Brightspace

To log in to Glenville State University Brightspace, follow these steps:

1. Access the Glenville Brightspace

2. Enter your Username

3. Provide your Password

4. Tap on the Login Button to Proceed.

**Note: Password is your campus computer password.

Glenville State University Contact Details

Glenville State University
200 High Street
Glenville, WV 26351





If you are an educator or a college student looking for a learning management system that offers comprehensive features, easy navigation, and a dynamic interface, Glenville State University’s Brightspace is an excellent choice. With customizable learning pathways, intelligent agents, and integrated video conferencing, instructors and their students can enjoy a more flexible learning experience. Glenville State University Brightspace is accessible to students and instructors, and will certainly improve the educational process.


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