31 Students Graduate with Distinction from Kogi State Polytechnic

By | 28 March 2023

During the Academic Board meeting, the Rector of the Polytechnic, Dr. Salisu Ogbo Usman, expressed his delight with the performance of the students. He attributed this success to the impact of the policies implemented by the Management under his leadership.

These policies include streamlined admission processes, stringent measures against unethical practices such as extortion and forceful imposition of substandard textbooks, and measures against examination misconduct. Other policies such as provision of standard textbooks in the Library, on-campus residence, recruitment of new academic staff, and prompt release of results were also implemented.

The introduction of Computer Based Test (CBT) in the examination of General Studies courses and e-results computation have also yielded positive results. The Rector thanked the staff and Governing Council for their support and paid tribute to the non-interference policy of His Excellency, Alhaji Yahaya Adoza Bello. He also thanked the Deputy Rector and Deans for their meticulous scrutiny of the students’ results in line with the quality assurance measures.

The Rector expressed his satisfaction with the positive results and urged staff and students to sustain the academic feat for more achievements.

31 Students Graduate with Distinction from Kogi State Polytechnic

The following students achieved distinctions in their respective fields of study:

HND Computer Science:

  • Fache Williams Otohinihi – 2020/HND/CPS/018
  • Enemali Agnes Ene – 2020/HND/CPS/027
  • Bayode Sefiya Omowumi – 2020/HND/CPS/030

HND Library and Information Science:

  • Olubiyiyo Elizabeth Modupe – 2020/HND/LIS/038

HND Science Laboratory Technology:

  • Achimugu Samuel Sunday – 2020/HSLT/CHM/001
  • Sheidu Zuleihat – 2020/HSLT/CHM/003
  • Aliyu Mulikat – 2020/HSLT/CHM/009
  • Dio Moses Adavize – 2020/HSLT/CHM/015
  • Zakariya Rahmotalahi – 2020/HSLT/CHM/011

ND Architectural Technology:

  • Akerebe Olawunmi Folajuwon – 2020/ND/ARC/022
  • Sunday Emmanuel Omeiza – 2020/ND/ARC/044

HND Accountancy:

  • Olorunnaiye Theophilus Victor – 2020/HND/ACCT/042
  • Salawudeen Fatimat Omowunmi – 2020/HND/ACCT/045
  • Omofaye Omolara Omowunmi – 2020/HND/ACCT/058
  • Abdulazeez Muhammed Adeiza – 2020/HND/ACCT/197

ND Electrical/Electronics Engineering:

  • Tijani Muhammed Nasiru – 2020/ND/EEE/001

ND Building Technology:

  • Jeremiah Thankgod – 2020/ND/BLD/012
  • Nwarieenne Christiana – 2020/ND/BLD/030
  • Onoja Joshua – 2020/ND/BLD/031
  • Yakubu Hawua Ozi Ohu – 2020/ND/BLD/035
  • Oluwatoki Korede – 2020/ND/BLD/038
  • Majeed Hameed – 2020/ND/BLD/028

ND Agricultural Technology:

  • Isaac Stephen Itopa – 2020/ND/AET/001
  • Momoh Jimoh Christiana Enaze – 2020/ND/AET/035
  • Abdulmaleek Abdulhamed Onoruoyiza – 2020/ND/APH/029
  • Olojah Deborah Yetunde – 2020/ND/AGT/003
  • Sadiq Nanahawau – 2020/ND/AGT/017
  • Nuhu Abdulmuminu Razak – 2020/ND/AGT/022
  • Taiye Omolola Obedat – 2020/ND/AGT/004
  • Albert Syvanus Joshua – 2020/ND/APH/004
  • Momoh Lukman Adavize – 2020/ND/APH/021

The institution also approved the withdrawal of ten students due to their poor academic performance. The list of withdrawn students is as follows:

I. ND Architectural Technology

  • Ismail Abdulrasheed – 2020/ND/ARC/006
  • Isah Oyiza Fatima – 2020/ND/ARC/023
  • Adepoju Yinka – 2020/ND/ARC/048

II. ND Civil Engineering

  • Ameh Shedrack Daniel – 2021/ND/CVE/013
  • Mobolaji Victor Oluwatimilehin – 2021/ND/CVE/058
  • Abdulkareem Aabdulraheem – 2021/ND/CVE/060

III. ND Electrical/Electronics Engineering

  • Yahaya Abdulmajeed – 2020/ND/EEE/018
  • Adebayo Babanifemi John Paul – 2020/ND/EEE/049
  • Samuel Obakpororo Philip – 2020/ND/EEE/084

IV. ND Computer Engineering

  • Usman Nuhu Tenimu – 2020/ND/CE/023

Dr. Usman praised the students who graduated with distinctions, acknowledging their dedication to their studies and encouraging others to work hard to achieve their academic goals.

He also expressed gratitude to the Academic Board for their support in approving the results and making important decisions that benefit the Polytechnic.

Dr. Usman encouraged the board to continue their hard work and dedication. Additionally, Dr. Usman reminded everyone to be mindful of their safety during the festive season, and reaffirmed the Polytechnic’s commitment to protecting the staff and students.


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