Scholarship Program for Foreign Students at Peking University

This is to inform the general public that the online registration for Peking University Scholarship Program 2023 International Students all eligible applicants should do well to follow up on the process to apply for the ongoing application.

There are procedures to access the Peking University Scholarship Program 2023 International Students. Do well to follow the right steps below.

Advantages of Undergraduate and Graduate Scholarships at Peking University

Two categories have been established for the scholarship:


The full scholarship pays for all costs, including tuition, a monthly stipend (which includes a living allowance), and health insurance.
Just the tuition fees are covered by the half scholarship.

Here is how the monthly stipend is distributed:

Student: 2000 CNY per month
2500 CNY per month for postgraduates
3000CNY/month for PhD.

Qualification Requirements for Peking University Undergraduate and Postgraduate Scholarships

  1. International students must apply.
  2. The applicant must have the offer to study as an international student at Peking University.
  3. Applicants must be university freshmen.
  4. Applicants must commit to a full-time program.
  5. Applicants who have not previously received scholarship funding
  6. Applicants interested in undergraduate and postgraduate programs
  7. Students enrolled in a professional degree program, a joint degree program, or an English-taught program are ineligible to apply.

How to Apply for the Peking University 2023 Foreign Student Scholarship Program

  1. To apply, all interested parties should visit Peking University’s website at
  2. Click “Scholarship Application” – “New Student” on the PKU Online Application System website (, fill out the application form, and submit it.
  3. Please mail or deliver the letter of appeal to ISDPKU before the deadline.
  4. The panel will evaluate the applications.
  5. A final evaluation of the candidates on the shortlist will be conducted.
  6. The list of chosen applicants will be revealed.
  7. Scholarship recipients must participate in an annual evaluation in April in order to keep their scholarship for the next year. Portal for Applications

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