Registered Nurse Assistant Preventive Programme (RNAP) Well Explained

By | September 3, 2020

The Registered Nurse Assistant Preventive Programme (formerly Community Health Nursing Programme) was established on the 10th of May 1965 as the third of its kind. It is a two (2) year programme which is essentially community-oriented to provide health care services to the community.

The Registered Nurse Assistant Preventive Programme is designed to train multipurpose health workers with adequate knowledge, attitudes and skills to be able to function effectively as members of the Sub-District Health Team.

The Registered Nurse Assistant Preventive Programme has seasoned and qualified Tutors with Public Health Nursing background and non-teaching staff.

By the end of the two years of studying as a Registered Nurse Assistant in any of the accredited Nurses Training Institutions, you will be well equipped to:

  1. Collect and analyze routine data on health problems in the community.
  2. Work with other members of the Sub-district Health Team (SDHT) and the community to plan, implement and monitor health activities at the community level.
  3. Assess the physical and mental health needs of individuals, diagnose and treat specified diseases and make appropriate referrals.
  4. Provide first aid in emergencies.
  5. Provide antenatal and post-delivery care and conduct emergency deliveries.
  6. Carrying out home visits and provide supportive care to the aged and persons with disabilities.

Registered Nurse Assistant Preventive (RNAP) Job Description

The main objective of the Nurse Assistant-Preventive (Community Health Nurses) is to organize and provide community health nursing services to meet the health needs of a defined catchment population.

These professionals of nurses are on the frontline of contact between medical staff and patients and the role can serve as a starting point for many nurses. Nursing assistants bathe their patients and help them dress, eat, use the bathroom and perform other daily activities.

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Nurse Assistant Preventive nurses measure vital signs and listen to their patient’s health concerns and transfer patients between beds and wheelchairs. They also visit their patients at home to give care to them. Immunization, weighing and school health screening are usually done by CHNs.

Some CHN also may dispense medication in community settings. CHNs or HACs are often the principal caregivers in nursing homes and residential care facilities, having more direct contact with the residents than other staff members in the health team.

Registered Nurse Assistant Preventive Skills or Experience

  • Good interpersonal skills
  • Knowledge and understanding of quality assurance issues
  • Ability to work under pressure
  • Excellent written and communication skills
  • Ability to initiate and maintain clear, concise documentation
  • Western Region language abilities and cultural awareness will be useful
  • Computer literate and should be able to perform basic function using the computer.

How To Become A Nurse Assistant

To become a CNA, you must complete a two-year certificate course in an approved education program. A nursing assistant training program can typically take two years to complete. Upon completion of the program, aspiring nursing assistants must pass an exam to earn their CNA (or related) title. After successful completion, CNAs are certified by the Nursing and Midwifery Council.

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Admission Requirement For Registered Nurse Assistant Preventive (RNAP)

Age16 – 35 years
Overall AggregateA cut off aggregate score ofForty-Eight (48) or better insix subjects, comprising 3core and 3 elective subjects.A cutoff aggregate score ofThirty (30) or better in sixsubjects, comprising 3 coreand 3 elective subjects.
Core Subjects andMinimum GradesAT LEAST credits (A1-E8) inthree core subjects. e.g.English, Mathematics andIntegrated Science.AT LEAST Passes (A-E) inthree core subjectsi.e. English, Mathematicsand Integrated Science.
Elective Subjects andMinimum GradesAT LEAST passes (A1-E8) inthree Elective subjectsAT LEAST passes (A-E) inthree Elective subjects

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