Ghana Technology University College to host Ghana’s first virtual graduation

By | July 21, 2020

Ghana Technology University College (GTUC) has fully embraced this COVID challenge putting all social activities on hold. In accordance with the school’s core values, innovation, the University has endeavored to consistently stay ahead of the curve as we all navigate our way through these trying times.

In anticipation of its imminent conversion to full public status under the name Ghana Communication Technology University, the institution will be hosting its 25th Congregation on Saturday, 25th July, 2020.

This congregation, the first for GTUC this year, represents a landmark event in the University’s 14-year history, and is all the more significant and unique for the fact that it is being held primarily through virtual means.

Coming shortly after GTUC successfully completed both the remainder of the 2019/2020 academic year and the subsequent end-of-semester examinations exclusively online, this virtual graduation firmly perpetuates the University’s irrefutable status as a trailblazer in terms of technology and innovation-based education.

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The upcoming ceremony, which will be held on the Zoom platform and streamed live on the University website, as well as Facebook and GTUC radio, represents the very first of its kind in Ghana and will play host to a total of 269 students, comprising 128 undergraduate, 132 master’s and 9 PhD students.

The keynote speaker for this groundbreaking event is the illustrious Prof. Walter.S. Alhassan will have in attendance the current Council Chair and representatives from the University’s local and international partners.

Poignantly themed; “Covid 19 and Education: Lessons learned and the way forward for Tertiary Education in Ghana”, the University, in pioneering such an event, has once again demonstrated its ability to set the pace and highlight its unrelenting pursuit of excellence in every facet of its operation.

We look forward to a successful event and we are confident that this will serve as a blueprint for other institutions going forward. We extend a massive congratulations to all our graduands and we are excited to make history together on Saturday!


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