AIO Prep Academy targets 10,000 Ghanaian students for US Universities 

AIO Prep Academy

American International Online (AIO) Prep Academy, a virtual/online high school based in the United States, aims to enroll and graduate 10,000 Ghanaian students in various Universities in the United States of America (USA).

The focus of the school is to provide students with a smooth path to the latest technology and to enable Ghana to become the first African country with its own high-tech development community in Silicon Valley.

According to available statistics, seen by the Ghana News Agency (GNA) from foundation documents, during the pre-COVID-19 pandemic era, there were 351,000 Chinese students, 204,000 Indian students, and 35,000 students from Africa who studied in America. universities.

It also indicated that in the post-pandemic era, there were 317,000 Chinese students, 167,000 Indian students, 25,000 European students, and about 13,000 students from Africa currently studying at universities in the United States.

AIO Prep Academy was founded in 2023 as a credit recovery component for US student-athletes participating in athletic programs, most of whom need grade or semester improvement to qualify for a Division I athletic scholarship.


The number of African students studying in America was small, said Mr. Rodney Abernathy, Senior Director of Business Development at the Foundation, in an interview with GNA in Sanyani, saying, “A number we must change, starting with Ghana alone, our goal is to enter 10,000 students.” Ghanaian universities are America on their own.

He said that the academy helped students get into high school in the United States, explaining, “Once a student has finished their AIO Prep Academy’s junior year, in the August before the start of their senior years, they can begin applying to universities of their choice.”

“Every graduating student will qualify for admission to an American university without question because every Ghanaian high school student will go to school with American students and the students are also eligible for admission to universities in Ghana, the United Kingdom, Canada and other countries of the world,” Mr. Abernathy added.

He said that the academy offers the highest level of advanced mathematics and science courses; In addition to other courses offered which were education used to prepare students for 21st century technology.

Mr. Abernathy said Africa had been left behind and so the foundation’s goal was to change the narrative for African students.


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