Man Establishes WVU School of Nursing Scholarship to Honor His Mother, a Rural West Virginia Nurse

In loving memory of his mother, Julia Nell Cooper, who devoted over three decades to nursing and caring for underserved communities, Jason G. Cooper, a graduate of West Virginia University (WVU), establishes the Julia Nell Cooper Memorial Nursing Scholarship. This scholarship, amounting to $200,000, will provide much-needed support to students facing financial challenges, studying at the WVU School of Nursing in West Virginia.

Roots in Rural West Virginia: A Bond with Mother and Community

Jason’s early life was deeply intertwined with rural West Virginia, where he grew up alongside his mother on a farm. Despite facing hardships, such as living without indoor plumbing, they cherished the beauty of their surroundings and the close-knit community in Ritchie County. Both Jason and Julia found solace in the warmth and generosity of the people around them, shaping Jason’s values and sense of community.

Julia’s Dedication: Empowering Underserved Communities

Julia’s nursing career was defined by her commitment to helping underserved and underrepresented individuals. From her early days as a nurse in West Virginia to more than a decade of service in the U.S. Army Nurse Corps, where she rose to the rank of captain, she continuously sought to make a difference in people’s lives. Her work took her to various underserved communities, including the Navajo and Inupiat tribes in New Mexico and Alaska, where she provided essential healthcare services.


A Generous Gift: Fostering the Future of Nursing

Witnessing his mother’s unwavering dedication to her patients and family, Jason was inspired to honor her legacy through a nursing scholarship. Having seen firsthand the sacrifices Julia made to support his education, Jason recognized the importance of easing the financial burden for aspiring nursing students. With this scholarship, he aims to empower future nursing professionals to pursue their dreams without the worry of college debt.

Empowering Nursing Students: Creating a Lasting Impact

Through the Julia Nell Cooper Memorial Nursing Scholarship, Jason hopes to empower the next generation of nurses at WVU School of Nursing. His vision is for students to focus on their studies and career goals, contributing their skills and passion to serve their communities. As the chief technology officer at Paradigm, a company assisting injured workers and their families with healthcare challenges, Jason’s commitment to making a positive impact on people’s lives aligns with his mother’s legacy of compassionate care.

A Legacy of Service: Supporting Underserved Communities

Acknowledging the need for nursing professionals in West Virginia and other areas affected by hospital closures, Jason recognizes that scholarship recipients may choose to work in various communities. Regardless of their destination, the scholarship recipients’ dedication to nursing will undoubtedly benefit the communities they serve, carrying on Julia’s spirit of service and making a meaningful difference in the lives of those they touch.


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