Korle-Bu JCR calls for exclusion of health science students from e-learning initiative

By | March 25, 2020

Students of the University of Ghana at the Korle-Bu campus are asking for an exemption from students who will continue the remaining seven weeks of teaching for the second semester online.

According to their Junior Common Room President, Christian Philip Armah, the nature of their courses, especially for those in higher levels, cannot be studied on e-learning platforms.

He says that their courses require them to have physical contact with patients, and this can not be achieved virtually.

“From level 400, 500 and 600, 95% of our courses are practical. How do you minimize the ninety-five percent to make room for the theory?” he queried

“We are based on Korle-Bu campus just because we can have contact with patients we learn using the patients we are taught using the patients,” he added.

Christian Armah further criticized school management’s decision to open up its distance learning centers to students who do not access to internet facilities at home.

“They indicated that the colleges of education centers will be made available to students who may be having challenges with some of these gadgets. They may go there and use them but I think this defeats the purpose of we going home,” he said.

The Korle-Bu JCR President is thus advising the university management to relook at involving Health Science students in the online learning system.

On Monday, Management of the University of Ghana announced that it has approved a proposal for the remaining seven weeks of teaching for the second semester to take place online.

The online academic activities will be undertaken using the Universities Sakai Learning Management System.

In line with that, the University says that it is working with telecom companies to guarantee free access to the university’s online learning platform.

However, it has already reached an agreement with Vodafone Ghana.

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