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Islamic University College 2022/2023 Admissions

Islamic University College Cut off Points for 2022/2023 Admissions, there are certain criteria to be observed before being admitted to study in any of the courses in any tertiary institution in Ghana. One of these which include meeting the required cut-off points for each school as well as the courses itself. It is very easy to obtain admission if one has met the required cut off mark for the admission into a particular course.
IUC Cut off points!  Islamic University College IUC Cut off points 2022 is used to determine who gets admitted into the institution and which course the person is offered.
In most cases, the cut-off point for IUG is to be used by a prospective student seeking to get admission into the institution as guidance is selecting his or her courses or programmes.
The said student is to measure the Islamic University College Cut off points 2020 against his or her grades in order to find out whether he or she is qualified to be admitted into the particular programme of choice.

The following is the Islamic University College cut-off points to consider before applying for admission to any academic programme available at IUC for the 2022/2023 Academic Year.
The University admits the following categories of students into Level 100 (first year) of the 4-year bachelor degree programme:

  • Holders of Senior Secondary School Certificate Examination (SSSCE) of West African Examinations Council (WAEC) with passes (at Grade D or better) in core English, core Mathematics and Integrated Science or Social Studies plus three elective subjects, with an aggregate of 24 or better.
  • Holders of West African Senior Secondary (School) Certificate Examination (WASSCE) of WAEC with passes (at Grade C6 or better) in core English, core Mathematics and Integrated Science or Social Studies plus three elective subjects, with an aggregate score of 36 or better.
  • Candidates with a combination of SSSCE and WASSCE may also apply.
  • Cambridge GCE ‘O’ Level with five (5) credits including English Language and Mathematics plus at least two (2) GCE ‘A’ Level passes and a pass in General Paper. One of the ‘A’ Level passes must be at grade D or better.
  • Holders of (i) Ghana GCE ‘O’ Level with five (5) credits including English Language and Mathematics, (ii) Teachers’ Post-Secondary School Certificate (2- or 3-year) without Diploma and (iii) other High-School-equivalent certificates (local or foreign) are encouraged to apply as Mature Applicants.
  • Holders of other qualifications [such as Professional certificates and Diplomas: HND (First and Second Class), ICA, CIM, etc.; RSA II and above, DBS (with Distinction), GIJ certificate, Teachers’ Diploma, a University degree in unrelated subject] can apply and would be considered for placement into Level 200 or 300 on a case-by-case basis at an interview. (Applications should include relevant transcripts and SSSCE/WASSCE/GCE result slips).
  • Mature applicants with a minimum age of 27 years who do not necessarily satisfy the above standard requirement for admission but have a reasonable educational background and 3 years working experience or have demonstrated ability for academic work. Such applicants shall have to pass a University Entrance Examination in English (Essay, Comprehension, Grammar and Usage) and General Paper (Quantitative Methods, Critical and Logical Thinking, and Current Affairs) and may be required to pass an interview. (Applications should include a copy each of Birth Certificate, Letters showing First and Current Employment, and any other relevant examination results.
  • Foreign students with qualifications equivalent to those in (a), (b), (c) and (d) above may be considered for admission. They must, however, show evidence of proficiency in English Language.

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