Is E8 Accepted In Tamale Nurses Training college?

By | 9 June 2023
Is E8 Accepted In Tamale Nurses Training college?

The Tamale Nurses Training College admission Cut off point for 2024 admission is an aggregate of 24 in 3 relevant core and 3 elective subjects. The Tamale Nursing and Midwifery Training College admission requirements are however most relied on during the admission process.

However, E8 to F9 is not accepted to study any diplomat course at Tamale Nursing Training College Candidates who have E8 to F9 and still wish to study at Tamale Nursing Training College can apply to the nursing auxiliary program. That is Health Assistance Curative (HAC) or Nurse assistance Preventive (NAP). They are 2 years certificate course in nursing. Below are articles that explain the course description in detail.

Tamale Nurses Training Courses Well Explained

Diploma Nursing programs offered at Tamale Nursing Training College are as follows:
Registered General Nursing
Public Health Nursing
Registered Midwifery

By now, I believe you now understand if E8 is accepted for Nursing in Ghana, it’s significance and effect in Ghana. Kindly Share this article to help educate others.

Few Tips For Tamale Nurses Training Admission Forms 2024

Choose institutions that reflect what you want to study.

Pay a visit in person if you can and speak to students who have been admitted and ask for tips.

Get recommendations from people that will make a difference between acceptance or rejection.


Begin the application process and make sure you check-list all that is required of you.

Provide additional information that may be relevant to your application.

In this day and age of social media you must remember to manage your online presence.

It will be in your best interest to go to the admissions office in person to find out about any updated information.

It is very important not to miss any deadlines.

Go over the application fully before you finally submit and make sure you have provided all required information.

Make sure to choose recommendations that will make a positive difference to your application.


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