WAEC to start conducting online exams to stop leakages

WAEC to start conducting online exams

The West African Examination Council (WAEC) leadership announced in a public statement monitored by Tertiary Ghana that they are considering moving the next WASSCE and BECE online to reduce examination leaks.

The announcement was made at a press conference in Accra where Ms. Wendy E. Addie-Lampty, head of the WAEC regional office, said that digitizing the management of national and international examinations would help prevent leaks of examination papers. “We expect people to take the test online, but a lot will depend on our system. We are working with the resources we have. ”

The Council’s decision for candidates to take a virtual test comes after Africa Education Watch suggested for the central government to digitize the delivery of examination question papers from the WAEC depot to exam centers.

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Several reports of WAEC’s exams being leaked, dubbed “apor,” hours or even days before papers are written, have surfaced throughout the years. As a result, WAEC has had to cancel examinations in some years so that candidates can rewrite them.


This happened in 2002 when BECE questions were canceled due to widespread leakage, and it happened again in 2015 when 5 BECE papers were canceled due to widespread leakage. Due to leaks, WAEC had to cancel some subjects in the 2008 WASSCE.

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WASSCE and BECE Candidates were also cautioned by WAEC personnel to strictly follow the examination’s regulations and avoid any type of misconduct that could result in their results being canceled and also being disqualified from taking WAEC tests in the future.

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