Vodafone urges students to be calm over SIM card registration for Sakai (e-learning platform)

Vodafone urges UG students to be calm over SIM card registration for Sakai

Communications Manager for Vodafone Ghana, Daniel Asiedu, has asked students of the University of Ghana to remain calm as the telecommunication service is putting in place the necessary measures to ensure that they are able to access the university’s online learning platforms.

He explained that the delay in the registrations and activation of acquired for SIMs is a result of the workload on the system.

He further highlighted that the system processes information in batches hence not all activation requests will be processed instantly.

When asked if students are allowed to purchase their own SIM cards, he confirmed that provision has been made for existing users of the service to just sign up for the student service via the School’s portal after registering their Sim Cards.

Daniel Asiedu highlighted that some services may however not be available to users who switch to this service.


He stated that the system was going to be a hybrid one hence students may not be able to enjoy the full service of a non-student user.

He however urged students to trip to the airport headquarters and the Kwame Nkrumah circle office for their sim Cards explaining that this initiative is aimed at ensuring the safety of students as these places provide a bigger and better space for social distancing as compared to the other centers.

This comes on the back of numerous complaints from students about their inability to activate their Vodafone sim cards as well as their fears of social gatherings in the wake of this coronavirus outbreak.

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