Update On Payment of Trainee Allowance – Elijah Amfo-Adjei

Training allowance

The president of the National Executive Board, Elijah Amfo-Adjei has issued a communique telling trainees that they are not adamant as far as the trainee allowance is concerned. On Friday, July 10, 2023, a reminder was sent to the MOH by the National Executive Board declaring their stands that failure to pay the allowances this week will let them take the populist stand of going to the media.

Without hesitating the MOH granted clearance to GHIPPS to pay the allowance of which they assured that the money will be ready this coming week.

But what happens is when the money is sent to GHIPPS it takes two days for all necessary processing to be done. With this, we were assured that the money will be ready by Thursday.
“Yes, we have been assured but that doesn’t mean if the allowance is not paid we will just watch them go free. We also want to assure all our teeming members to believe in the competency of the National Executive Board and that we will do all our possible best to address the needs of our members.”

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Notwithstanding, the National President has also granted interviews to some radio stations to hammer on the issue of the allowances. We want to reiterate that our stand of going to the media still holds and if the money is not paid by then, we are still and ever ready to go to the media.

“Kindly be reassured that Trainee allowances will be paid next week following an engagement today” he added.


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