NEWSStudent rooms broken into during temporary closure of school

Student rooms broken into during temporary closure of school

Some rooms in the African Union hostel in the University of Ghana have allegedly been broken into by thieves.

The occupants of the rooms who had returned to retrieve personal belongings report that the rooms had been ransacked with all visible valuables (cash, jewelry, etc) stolen.

While it is unclear how the burglars got access to the locked rooms, it is suspected that they might have entered through the balconies.

Narrating the incident in an exclusive interview, one of the affected students said she had left her valuables in the room before leaving for home but returned to meet the room scattered.

According to her, she thought the closure of the school and the accompanying order for students to vacate campus was going to be for a short while.

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However, the imposition of the lockdown and lifting of same coupled with the rollout of the e-learning by the university signaled that reopening may not be in sight; a reason she had returned to pick her belongings.

“It was locked when I left for home, I called the last roommate to have left the room and he confirmed that all the lockers were locked before he also left for home. He left the keys at the porters lodge. My things have been stolen but I do not want others to face the same problem,” a resident recounted.

In a video, another student described the state of her room.

“As I entered my room, all my items had been scattered, my bag is opened, my locker is opened as well, something I locked before leaving for home, my roommate’s ‘susu box’ is also opened and the money is gone; though none of our valuable items was taken.”

Concerns over the safety of student’s items are growing with many not pleased about the development.

Some of the residents of the Hall have entreated the JCR to tighten security measures to ensure that their valuables are kept safe and secured.

Meanwhile, a signed statement by the President of the Junior Common Room (JCR), assured students that management is investigating the issue.

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