Solomon Mensah express sorrow over low participation of females in leadership roles

Solomon Mensah express sorrow over low participation of females in leadership roles

President of the University of Ghana Debate Society, Solomon Omani- Mensah has registered his displeasure at the stereotypical nature of political institutions, a development he says hinders the active participation of females in leadership roles.

According to him, the issue of low female participation in student leadership has little to do with empowerment, rather, he believes the patriarchal nature of the political space prevents many females from pursuing their dreams to become leaders.

“Female participation is pretty low. I do not think it is necessarily the issue of empowerment. The political climate is heavily tipped towards patriarchy, so many do not see support or the possibility to thrive,” He tweeted in a live Twitter Chat with LegonLive on Thursday, April 9, 2023.

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He suggested that one way to deal with the issue is to call-out sexist jokes, citing that such jokes cause the debilitating effect of the silent recline by females to run for student leadership.

He then admonished University of Ghana students to look beyond the classroom and past questions and explore other opportunities.

“Beyond being given power, it is everyday actions. Being positive when your female friend tells you she has interest to run. Calling out sexist jokes and everyday misogyny because it is these little things that cause the silent recline,” he advised.

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