Resit Exams Temporary Put On Hold – University of Ghana

Resit exams Temporary put on hold - University of Ghana

The University of Ghana has made provisions for resit students who have registered or are yet to be registered to be enrolled in the online teaching and learning module scheduled to begin on Monday, March 30, 2020.

Students who have registered for resit are expected to forward their requests to the University of Ghana Computing System to be enrolled on Sakai, while those who are yet to register may contact their respective College Academic Officers to complete their registration and enrollment on Sakai.

However, supplementary examinations have been temporarily put on hold.

Affected students are to wait for new dates for the examinations to take place to be communicated to them in due time.

Academic activities at the University of Ghana, March 30 – May 15, will be undertaken online.

However, this may change if the university opens before May 15.

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