What are the Programmes Offered at University of Zambia?

These are the Programmes offered at University of Zambia. Applicants are to check out the availability of their choice of programme before applying for admission.

Programmes Offered at University of Zambia

Below are the Programmes offered at University of Zambia. You may also check out the steps on how to apply for admission

School of Agricultural Sciences

1. Bachelor of Agricultural Sciences(Plant Science)

2. Bachelor of Agricultural Sciences – Land Management

3. Bachelor of Agricultural Sciences(Animal Science)

4. Bachelor of Agricultural Sciences(Soil Science)

5. Bachelor of Food Science and Technology

6. Bachelor of Science (Agricultural Extension)

7. Bachelor of Science (Agricultural Economics)

8. Bachelor of Science in Human Nutrition

9. Bachelor of Science in Agronomy (Bsc. Agronomy)

Distance Learning (Undergraduate and Postgraduate Programmes)

1 Bachelor of Science in Agronomy

2 Bachelor of Science in Agricultural Economics

School of Education

10. Bachelor of Arts With Education

11. Bachelor of Education (Environmental Education)

12. Bachelor of Library and Information Science

13. Bachelor of Education (Special Education)

14. Bachelor of Education (Sociology of Education)

15. Bachelor of Education (Educational Psychology)

16. Bachelor of Education (Literacy and Language)

17. Bachelor of Arts in Records and Archives Management (Baram)

18. Bachelor of Information and Communication Technologies In Education (B.ICT.Ed)

19. Bachelor of Education (Primary Education)

20. Bachelor of Education (Early Childhood Education)

21. Bachelor of Education (Guidance and Counselling)

22. Bachelor of Education (Educational Administration And Management

23. Bachelor of Education (Social Sciences)

24. Bachelor of Adult Education

25. Bachelor of Education-Secondary (Mathematics and Science) (Bedmas)

26. Bachelor of Science With Education (Bsc.Ed)

27. Bachelor of Agricultural Science With Education

28. Diploma in Teaching Methods

29. Diploma in Icts For In-Service Teachers

30. Bachelor of Education in Commerce and Entrepreneurship.

31. Postgraduate Diploma in Educational Leadership and Management

32. Bachelor of Education in Chinese Language Teaching

School of Engineering

33. Bachelor of Engineering (Agricultural Engineering)

34. Bachelor of Engineering (Civil and Environmental Engineering)

35. Bachelor of Engineering (Electrical and Electronic Engineering)

36. Bachelor of Engineering (Geomatic Engineering)

37. Bachelor of Engineering (Mechanical Engineering)

School of Health Sciences

38. Bachelor of Science in Biomedical Sciences

39. Bachelor of Pharmacy

40. Bachelor of Science in Physiotherapy

41. Bachelor of Science in Diagnostic Radiography

42. Bachelor of Science in Therapeutic Radiography

43. Bachelor of Science in Diagnostic Radiography (Blended Model For in Service)

44. Bachelor of Science in Therapeutic Radiography (Blended Model For in Service)

School of Humanities and Social Sciences

45. Bachelor of Business Administration

46. Bachelor of Arts in Linguistics and Chinese

47. Bachelor of Arts in Demography

48. Bachelor of Arts in Development Studies

49. Bachelor of Arts in Economics

50. Bachelor of Arts in English Language and Linguistics

51. Bachelor of Arts in French

52. Bachelor of Arts in Gender Studies

53. Bachelor of Arts in History

54. Bachelor of Arts in Intangible Cultural Heritage

55. Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy and Applied Ethics

56. Bachelor of Arts in Political Science

57. Bachelor of Arts in Psychology

58. Bachelor of Arts in Public Administration

59. Bachelor of Arts in Sociology


60. Bachelor of Public Relations and Advertising

61. Bachelor of Social Work

62. Bachelor of Media and Journalism Studies

63. Bachelor of Arts in Drama(Ba.D)

64. Bachelor of Arts in Literature(Ba.L)

65. Bachelor of Arts in Human Resource Management

66. Bachelor of Communication Science

67. Bachelor of Arts in International Relations

68. Bachelor of Arts in Local Government Administration

69. Bachelor of Arts in Peace, Security and Conflict Resolution

70. Bachelor of Arts in Criminology and Security Studies

71. Bachelor of Arts in Project Management

72. Bachelor of Arts in Community Development and Social Welfare

73. Bachelor of Arts in Police and Security Studies

74. Bachelor of Arts in Child, Youth and Family Studies

75. Bachelor of Arts in Rural Sociology and Community Development

76. Bachelor of Arts in Security and Correctional Studies

77. Bachelors of Arts in Migration Studies

78. Bachelors of Industrial Sociology and Labour Studies

School of Law

79. Bachelor of Laws(Llb) Full Time Or Part-Time

The University of Zambia School of Law is Offering Admission to  Its Bachelor of Law (LLB) Programme At

Full-Time Or Part-Time Level. Lectures For The Part-Time Programme will be Offered in The Evenings Between 17:00 hours and 20:00 hours.

School of Medicine

80. Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery

81. Bachelor of Human Biology

School of Nursing Sciences

82. Bachelor of Science Nursing (Duration Four Year(4) Years)

83. Bachelor of Science in Midwifery (Duration Five(5) Years)

84. Bachelor of Science in Oncology Nursing (Duration Five(5) Years)

85. Bachelor of Science in Public Health Nursing (Duration Four(4) Years)

86. Bachelor of Science in Mental Health and Psychiatric Nursing (Duration Four(4) Years)

School of Mines

87. Bachelor of Science in Geology

88. Bachelor of Engineering in Mining Engineering

89. Bachelor of Engineering in Metallurgical Engineering

90. Bachelor of Engineering in Geotechnical Engineering

91. Certificate in Mining Engineering (1 Year Blended Learning)

92. Certificate in Metallurgical Engineering (1 Year Blended Learning)

School of Natural Sciences

93. Bachelor of Science in Computer Science

94. Bachelor of Science in Computer Systems Engineering

95. Bachelor of Science in Networking and Information Security

96. Bachelor of Science in Software Engineering

97. Bachelor of Science in Actuarial Science

98. Bachelor of Science in Biological Sciences

99. Bachelor of Science in Biology

100. Bachelor of Science in Chemical & Biological Sciences

101. Bachelor of Science in Chemistry

102. Bachelor of Science in Mathematics

103. Bachelor of Science in Microbiology

104. Bachelor of Science in Molecular Biology and Genetics

105. Bachelor of Science in Natural Resources

106. Bachelor of Science in Parasitology

107. Bachelor of Science in Physics

108. Bachelor of Science in Statistics

School of Public Health

109. Bachelor of Science (Environmental Health)

110. Bachelor of Science (Health Services Management)

111. Bachelor of Science (Health Promotion)

School of Veterinary Medicine

112. Bachelor of Veterinary Medicine

Graduate School of Business

113. Bachelor of Science in Marketing

114. Bachelor of Science in Accounting and Finance

115. Bachelor of Science in Human Resource Management

116. Bachelor of Science in Business Management

117. Bachelor of Science in Transport and Logistics Management

118. Bachelor of Science in Innovation and Entrepreneurship


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