NEWSPayment Of Nurses & Teacher Training Allowance Announced

Payment Of Nurses & Teacher Training Allowance Announced

According to information gathered by the BBC Ghana from the Ghanaian News Agency (GNA), the Government is set to resume the payment of nursing and teacher trainee allowances using the e-zwich bio-metric system. 

The payment of the allowance to the trainees has been handed over to the Student Loan Trust Fund (SLTF), the body mandated to disburse loans to tertiary students.

The SLTF has been using the e-zwich to disburse students’ loan over the years and is the same system that will be used to pay the trainee nursing and teachers’ allowance.

The use of e-zwich to disburse such funds is also expected to inculcate in the students, the habit of using electronic payment cards and eventually discourage the over-reliance on cash for transactions.


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  1. Why does it means that our leaders of today wants to use the little opportunity he/she got to led others, make him or her thinks, or have the passion that others should always bow in his or her present, let consider that we are all human Created by GOD but we don’t fear him, owning things that are not belong to you with not a tangible prove .

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