NEWSOver 50% of private schools likely to collapse

Over 50% of private schools likely to collapse

The Neogenic Education Group, an international Educational Consultancy agency in Ghana has urged the President of the Republic, Nana Akufo-Addo to put in place measures to support Private Schools in the country amid the outbreak of the global coronavirus pandemic.

In view of them, the government’s assistance would show the recognition of the contribution made by private facilitators in education from Pre-school to Senior High School (SHS) levels.

Mr. Grant Bulmuo, Lead Consultant of the Group speaking to Ghana News Agency said failure on the side of the government to intervene would mean allegedly that over 2 million Ghanaian children would be disadvantaged in their education.

He said should it happen that way it would be at the risk of receiving low-quality education with an enormous consequence on the quality of the country’s future human resource.

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He estimated that over 50 percent of private schools in Ghana is likely to collapse as a result of the unfortunate effect of the coronavirus crisis, adding that a 2018 World Bank report indicated that Private Schools represent over 30 percent of education provision at the Primary School level and their contribution could not be exaggerated.

Mr. Bulmuo further said that Ghana’s Educational Sector Performance Report in 2017 gave an indication of how important the private sector education was contributing to the increase in enrolment at the primary level from 4.1 million in 2011/12 to 4.4 million in 2017/18.

According to the Lead Consultant a recent survey they carried out revealed that despite the huge contribution of Private Schools to the provision of education, the “vast majority” of them do not have “huge reserves” to contain the unforeseen incident like COVID-19.

Mr. Bulmuo calls on the government to consider an economic and financial stimulus or intervention for private sector basic and secondary schools amidst the COVID-19 pandemic.

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