NABCO July 2020 Allowance Duly Paid

By | August 8, 2020

In our last update, we made mention that, July 2020 Stipend Validation was done and trainees should expect their stipends this week.

In that update, we also mention some of the things that each trainee should do if he or she wants to always get paid alongside the mass.

Now, information received shows that, the July 2020 stipends have started hitting the trainee’s account and that, the payment process is still ongoing.

This means trainees who have not yet had a payment alert from NABCO should expect the money to hit their account by the close of the day.

It is worth mentioning that, there are instances where payments are made but because of the difference in the paying institution and the SMS alert center, some trainees would not receive the alert. When that happens, trainees are advised to go to the bank and check their card for the payment.

Meanwhile, trainees, who have successfully refunded their overpaid amount will soon be paid. That, the HQ is still verifying the receipt of those payment and once everything is verified, they shall have their arrears paid.


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