SLTF: How to apply for student loan

By | April 14, 2021

The Students Loan Trust Fund (SLTF), wishes to inform all loan applicants that, no fees are charged by the SLTF for processing of loan applications.

Applicants are advised to deal only with officials of the Fund and are at no point required to make any payments for the service.

How to apply for Student Loan TRUST FUND

I. Visits or click on this link to access the Student Loan Trust Fund page.

II. If you are a new applicant you need to open an account. Which is very simple to open.

After clicking on the menu on your top right corner and opening your account with Student Trust Loan, you then follow the prompt and provide the necessary information needed for your Loan.

NB: If you already have the account opened then there is no need to open another one just go on with the application.

You can call the numbers below for prompt assistance.

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