Nursing And Midwifery Council, Has Taken Us For Granted For A Very Long Time – Coalition Of Concerned Nurses And Midwives

By | 8 June 2023

Why are our leaders sitting down and dictating to us on uniforms only.
Are we the only professionals in the Ghana health service?
Haven’t they seen doctor’s who dress in legers, hills, and painted nails to work? Are we more professionals than them ?

It’s very disheartening that when it comes to allowances and salary increment, the doctors are the only group considered. But with respect to the fact that nurses and midwives are themselves interested in nothing but uniforms, our employers see it as a step in the right direction to speak about uniforms for us and speak on salaries and allowances for doctors.

Salary of Staff Nurse/Midwife VS Medical Officer as at 2012.



This was to some extent justifiable as whichever amount the doctor takes, the nurse or midwife takes half considering the number of years spent in School for both professionals.

It’s no exaggeration to say that, today the medical officer had moved from GHS 2,500.00 to GHS7,000.00 with free accommodation that must be furnished with Fridge, TV, chairs, beds and anything you can think of for a standard room. As if this is not enough, new reforms shows they are entitled to at least 40 gallons of fuel per month with full security 24/7.


In the contrast, the STAFF NURSE has had only
GHS 600.00 to what was received in 2012 that’s from GHS1,250 to GHS1,850.0

since 2O12 to 2023
Medical officer from from GHS 2,500.00 to GHS 7,000.00. Staff Nurse on the orther hand move from GHS 1,250.0 to GHS 1,850.00

As for the Erolled nurses and community health nurses, I just lack words to describe how unfairly you have been treated.

What will UNIFORM do to us my dear colleagues?.

Why should the highest rank in nursing, DDNS/DDMS after working for 25 years plus, take a salary about 40% less than what a fresh doctor from a school takes?.

The earlier we wise up, the better it is for our profession.

Enjoy reading and let us advise ourselves and rise up and fight for our right if our mother Associations won’t fight for us. In doing so, if u received this message please try and share it to any of your colleague in the nursing fraternity as to the unfair treatment being merit to us by the Government. However, we are embarking on a massive strike Nationwide God willing coming 90 days time, thus June 1st,2023.


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