Central University Students Oppose Management’s Decision To Hold Examinations Online

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Central University student are not happy with a decision by school authorities to hold this second semester’s examinations online.

The students believe that this would cause a lot of inconvenience to students who are already struggling to adjust to online academic activities.

On 7th May 2023, management of the school released a communique expressing its decision to hold the end of semester examination online.

The decision is a result of the closure of the school in a bid to curb the spread of the coronavirus pandemic as directed by President Akufo-Addo.

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School authorities, in the communique, stated the guidelines for the conduct of the exams online as well as provided a revised academic timetable.

But students are protesting the move, explaining that some of the challenges with the online learning programme have not been resolved and that some of their colleagues are already in a disadvantaged position.


“Management of the school has not fully resolved the challenge about the data cost we have to incur because of online learning. They have entered into a partnership with AirtelTigo for free internet access to some learning platforms but those of us using other networks, we have been left out. Even in Accra, there are places with an unstable internet connection. The field is not level for all students regarding the conduct of online academic activities,” one Communication Student told.

Another student added that “Let’s imagine that you are in the middle of an online examination then your device goes off or you run out of data, or there’s even a power cut, you definitely will be at lost but the lecturer won’t know this and may think you are just looking for an excuse. Already, we have not fully adjusted to the online way of undertaking academic activities and now, they are adding examination to it. This is just not right”

The school has revised its academic calendar, giving students a Two-week period, from May 1 – May 24, for revision.

They explain that the long period is to “enable students to clarify any issues and allow those who may have missed some online activities to catch up.”

The school management has scheduled the end of semester examination to take place between 18th May and to 13th June

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