All About Sefwi Asafo Nurses Training College December 2023

All About Sefwi Asafo Nurses Training College

Sefwi Asafo Nurses Training College 2023/2024 Programmes and Requirements, there are various courses at Sefwi Asafo Community Health Nurses Training College as well as their requirements.

The requirements for the individual courses are to serve as a guide for prospective students in applying to the Training College for the various courses.

Courses offered At Sefwi Asafo Nurses Training College

Auxiliary Courses

The auxiliary courses are two years certificate courses in nursing.

  1. Community Health Nursing (CHN) Now Nurse assistance Preventive (NAP)
  2. Health Assistant Clinical (HAC)

Diploma Course

The diploma courses are three years bound.

  1. Registered General Nursing (RGN)
  2. Registered Mental Nursing
  3. Registered Midwifery (Females only)
  4. Registered Community Nursing (RCN) Now Public Health Nurse (PHN)

Requirements for Auxiliary Programmes

Age18 – 35 years 
Overall AggregateA cutoff aggregate score of Forty EightA cutoff aggregate score of Thirty
 (48) or better in six subjects, comprising(30) or better in six subjects,
 3 core and 3 electivecomprising  3 core and 3 elective
Core Subjects and MinimumAT LEAST credits(A1-E8) in three coreAT LEAST Passes (A-E) in three core
 i.e. English, Mathematics andi.e English, Mathematics and
 Integrated Science.Integrated Science.
Elective Subjects and MinimumAT LEAST passes (A1-E8) in threeAT LEAST passes (A-E) in three
GradesElective subjectsElective subjects

  Requirements for Basic Nursing Programmes

 Age18 – 35 years   
 Overall AggregateAn aggregate score of thirty (30) or better An aggregate score of Twenty Four 
  in six subjects, comprising  3 core and 3 (24) or better in six subjects, 
  elective comprising  3 core and 3 elective 
 Core Subjects and MinimumCredits (A1  C6) in three Core Subjects i.e. Credits (A– D) in three Core Subjects 
 GradesEnglish, Mathematics and Integrated i.e. English, Mathematics and 
  Science. Integrated Science. 
 Elective Subjects and MinimumCredits (A1  C6) in three Elective Subjects. Credits (A  D) in three Electives 
 Grades  Subjects. 

 Requirements for Diploma Programmes

Age18 – 35years
Overall AggregateAn aggregate score of thirty Six (36)An aggregate score of Twenty Four
 or better in six subjects, comprising 3(24) or better in six subjects,
 core and 3 electivecomprising  3 core and 3 elective
Core Subjects and Minimum GradesCredits (A1  C6) in three CoreCredits (A– D) in three Core Subjects
 Subjects i.e. English, Mathematicsi.e. English, Mathematics and
 and Integrated Science.Integrated Science.
Elective Subjects and Minimum GradesCredits (A1  C6) in three ElectiveCredits (A  D) in three Electives

Sefwi Asafo Nurses Training College Application Process

  • Purchase a voucher for 200GH from GCB or ADB
  • Visit ‘’
  • Click on apply located at the top of this page
  • Enter the serial and pin found on the voucher
  • Fill the form with your details
  • Attach certificate/s and photo
  • Submit and print out the application summary
  • Regularly check your application status with pin and serial.

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  2. Aguba THOMPSON


    1. tertiaryghana Post author

      Sefwi Asafo Nursing Training College was established on 24th October 2014 by the Asafo community through the initiative of a five-member committee namely,

      1. Mr. Simon Asante

      2. Mr. Alex Agyapong

      3. Mr. Thomas Adjei (Deceased)

      4. Mr. Emmanuel Oppong

      5. Mr. Peter Ntori

  3. Klaus Schaaf

    Guten Tag, ich beabsichtige Menschen finanziell zu unterstützen, dass sie bei ihnen ausgebildet werden können. Wie hoch ist der finanzielle Aufwand pro Person bei ihnen? Es wäre nett wenn Sie mir die Gebühren über den Ausbildungszeitraum inkl lizens Gebühren etc sagen können.
    Im voraus vielen Dank
    Herzliche Grüße
    Klaus Schaaf

    1. Courage Bansah Post author

      Estimado señor Schaaf,

      Gracias por su interés en apoyar nuestros programas de capacitación. El costo por participante varía según el programa, incluida la matrícula, la licencia, los materiales y las tarifas administrativas. Estaremos encantados de proporcionarle información detallada y analizar opciones adaptadas a sus intereses. Por favor siéntase libre de contactarnos para más detalles.
      correo electrónico: [email protected]



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